Online exhibition "Data-Art"
We are all made of some number of cells... But who pays attention to this today, as well as to various statistics in Kyrgyzstan and to people behind these figures? We know, we hear about the problems of migration, violence, homeless children, etc., but we do not always realize how large-scale this is all within us and our home – Kyrgyzstan.

All these topics and articles are like a white noise, which we are tired of hearing and do not want to hear any more. There is more and more desire to refuse from reading the news, being involved in someone's problems, immersing yourself and getting upset. So, all the numbers flow like a river until they end up in us, in our cells and we become a part of a certain...

When some cell becomes visible, painful and "bursting", we begin to speak, help ourselves and find a resource to help others who are like us. The concept of the "Playing Hopscotch" exhibition is a reference
not only to one of the works of an exhibited artist, who speaks about the problem of child abuse, but is also a result of our current reality, which, on the one hand, has long been far from a reckless, simple and kind childood game, on the other hand, leaves hope for something new.

Just like in the hopscotch game, we play in the world, in our country, in our village, in our house, in our family, in our soul, in our heart and among ourselves. This is a game with and without rules, where the able or lucky ones survive. This exhibition is about the prospect of living, not surviving. It is about feeling more about yourself, your cells and not turning into statistics. The exhibition is about the prospect of becoming a part of good games.

Or shouldn't we play at all...

Diana Rakhmanova, project and exhibition curator